Patriots and Chiefs Playoff Picks

Our featured NFL Playoff picks for Championship Sunday focus on the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs!

Patriots and Chiefs QBs Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

Will Sunday’s Patriots and Chiefs game symbolize a changing of the guard in the AFC?

Tom Brady is the NFL’s all-time leader in 300-yard playoff passing games. The GOAT has 15 to his credit and the rest of the pack, made up of superstars such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Joe Montana are lagging behind in single-digit land. Patrick Mahomes has only started one playoff game in his career but like nearly every game this season, Mahomes was the undisputed leader of his offense. The stage is never too big for Showtime, not yet anyway. And this weekend we get to see if NFL’s great one is ready to pass the gauntlet to the NFL’s next one. Continue reading “Patriots and Chiefs Playoff Picks”

Round 3 NHL Playoff Odds: Jets, Knights, Caps and Lightning

The NHL’s final four teams are squaring off in the Conference Finals with a trip to the Stanley Cup on the line!

The Winnipeg Jets were paying back at nearly 5 to 1 odds to win the West in early March. Two months later, Winnipeg has earned the right for home ice in the Western Conference Final along with the respect of bookmakers as the odds on favorite to win.

Opening lines for the West shows the Jets at -150 ahead of Saturday’s matchup vs. Las Vegas. The Knights are paying back at +130 and the total for Game 1 suggests we could see our share of fireworks.

Online sportsbooks favor Winnipeg at -145 for the first game and the total is 6 Under -115. The Jets needed seven games to get past Nashville but they outscored the Preds 3.9 to 2.7 in the process. Winnipeg scored four-plus goals in five of seven games and against the run and gun Golden Knights, that O/U 6 looks like a fair number.

NHL Playoff Odds

In the Eastern Conference Final the Lightning are -180 to win the series and -180 in Game 1. Tampa skated past Boston in Round 2, sending the Bruins home to lick their wounds after just five games. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Faves of more than -170 are 13-6 in this year’s postseason but NHL playoff odds have a way of evening things out. The net return on those chalk dusters is a -1.1 ROI. Tampa has been the juicy fave four times in these playoffs are they are 4-0 thus far. Washington will bring a stiffer challenge than the Devs and Bruins but at the end of the day, we look for Tampa to advance.

Options for Bolt bettors include the Series Handicap bet, laying 1.5 games. Or perhaps the ‘Exact Series Results’ action where you can get Tampa in six at +450.

Pick Sixty is 6-1 with flat bets in these playoffs and we also hit the Jets to win in Round’s 1 or 2. Our futures play on Winnipeg to win the West at +450 is alive and well but Friday @PickSixtySports we announced an official hedge bet on Vegas. I’m a firm believer in locking down a profit when given the opportunity and as a huge Winnipeg Jets fan, I don’t need the added stress of series wager hanging over me as we enter our first-ever Conference Final.

If the Jets win, I’ll still clear +350 on this play and if not, I’ll regain my original stake along with 30 cents worth of juice. For the record, I am fully supporting Winnipeg’s chances of advancing past the Knights but will limit my Round 3 action to flat bets only.

Check the NHL Playoff Odds daily at the Greek or another sportsbook of your choice. Good luck in Round 3 and Go Jets!