Super Bowl 48, Seahawks – Broncos Prediction

Seattle’s 12th man has a culture all its own and although today’s game is being played cross-country, the city has their team’s back. One of the Seahawks Legion gives his thoughts on today’s game against the Denver Broncos with football handicapping insight and a loyalty through that has helped get this team to the world’s biggest stage

One of our affiliate sports betting sites, is home to some of the net’s sharpest football handicapping minds and in this Super Bowl exclusive we get a unique take on the game from a bettor who has watched the Seattle Seahawks story unfold live, one ear-splitting game at a time.


My name is OG and I am a regular poster at EveryEdge (EE). Everyone there along with all my friends, family and co-workers knows how much I love the Seahawks and I’ve had season tickets for the past 10 years which has been a dream come true. Now today I’m not here to tell anyone how to bet the Super Bowl but I am going to tell you about myself, my relationship with the Seahawks, why I believe in them and what I will play this Sunday.


I collect anything and everything from the Seahawks and could probably decorate an entire house. Most of my wardrobe is Seahawks, I have a Hawks tattoo, my car has Hawk stuff on it; you get the idea. I’ve been a fanatic since Dave Krieg took the hawks into Miami in 1983 and upset the Dolphins. I fell in love with the team, the fans, the 12th man, Seattle and its culture and their whole ‘brand’ so much that it’s almost a way of life for me. It’s been an up and down ride with a lot of ‘down’ in the 90’s. I would get laughed at and made fun of at the time but I know what loyalty is all about and knew I would be rewarded for it one day. Hoping that this Sunday the day has finally come.


It’s tough knowing how it would feel for my team to win the ultimate prize because neither the Hawks nor Vancouver Canucks have reached that pinnacle but each has come close and it’s devastating. When we look at the lifespan of a certain edition of a sports team, sports betting history tells us that the window of opportunity is a short one. The Hawks are peaking right now and this is their time to win the Super Bowl. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they will win but this is their chance. Maybe if they keep drafting well the timeline stretches two to three years but it’s so hard to reach this territory and champions find a way to get it done. The guys on this team know this and they aren’t fazed by the bright lights. They are young, talented and they walk with a swagger never seen by any other edition of this team. This is their time and this is MY time. The 2013 Seahawks feel like a team of destiny.


Can the hawks stop Peyton? I think they can hold him in check more than other teams have but you can’t stop him. The difference between Seattle’s defence and others is that while everyone else is running schemes to try and trick one of the greatest QBs of all time, Seattle just lines up and says, “This is it – Just come try and beat us!”


You can do that with the talent that is there on this defence. I will say, though, that this group can start out slow and I’ve actually considered playing Denver in first quarter. Looking around at the top online sportsbooks with Super Bowl odds for the first quarter right now I see Denver -.5 at +135. Having said that, when Seattle did start slow they often found a way to crank it up in the second-half with game-changing plays and turnovers. It’s amazing sometimes.


Here’s the skinny on the Seahawks:

– Greatest strength: Defence; especially the secondary

– Greatest weakness: Pass protection

In my opinion this is tempered by Wilson’s ability to scramble. When he is flushed out of the pocket he is less effective than he is if it’s a designed bootleg or another designed run play for him. Seattle’s receivers need to get open and Percy Harvin will help. The bottom line is that the Seahawks can win this game if they pound the ball and tire out the Broncos D with long drives. Marshawn Lynch always gets better later in the game when the D is gassed so if Denver doesn’t take any kind of a sizeable lead and start forcing the Hawks to chuck the ball all over the place, they have a great chance to win. I think they can do it of course and will be playing the Hawks on the moneyline at plus money.

Super Bowl Prediction: Hawks win 28-24


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