Expand your handicapping knowledge with SDQL seminars and the Masters Certification program


NFL preseason betting is always just a small taste of what’s around the corner when September hits and for pro and college football bettors looking to take their handicapping skills to the next level, there are two exciting offers on the table from


First is the SDQL seminar in Henderson, Nevada scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 22 at 3 pm. Dr. Ed Meyer will be on site hosting a special NFL handicapping session that demonstrates the power of Sports Data Query Language while teaching players advanced techniques on how to find winning NFL systems and top trends.


Looking for value on first-half of half-time betting lines? Need a code for looking up previous season revenge matchups? Or maybe you would just like to know how to utilize the ‘Team Average’ codes to help try and maximize profits in 2013.


Dr. Meyer will also share a few of his high-percentage betting systems and discuss the “Trend Saving” features, teasers and new “Player Level” queries available at Killer Sports and


Attendance is free and for more information on this SDQL Seminar you can email or visit the Google Chat Room.



Whether or not you can make the trip to Las Vegas for the SDQL seminar there is an online betting opportunity right now that could end up changing the way you look at sports wagering for the rest of your life. In the process, it will probably change your bankroll for the better, too.


I’m talking about the new SDQL Masters Program running every day at the SDB Chat Room and the requirements are simple. All it takes is the belief that SDQL mastery is possible (it is), and some effort.


Some bettors are happy to throw money and betting theories at the wall every weekend to see what sticks. It’s fun, it’s easy and unfortunately it can also be quite costly. If you one of the cappers who can envision what is possible with today’s technology and would like to see what all the SDQL hype is about, check out the Chat Room and see for yourself what “A and Sum(AW@team and o:team and A, N=4)=4 and season>=2009” really means.


Here’s a hint: Its 23-13-1 ATS and it’s “live” in Week 1 when the New York Giants visit the Dallas Cowboys. (Click the link for a more details).


Hope to see some of you in Vegas and look forward to seeing all of you at the SDB GCR; that’s Google Chat Room for short.


Jarvis Simes,


Editor, Pick Sixty Sports and Masters Candidate