Round 1 Recap: NHL Playoff Profits

The first round of the postseason ended Monday with the Bruins beating the Leafs in overtime and New York blanking the Capitals for the second straight night


[dropcap2]N[/dropcap2]HL bettors are eagerly anticipating the puck drop for Round 2 of NHL playoff betting but first we’ll look back at our Round 1 picks and update the ledger.


In our Eastern and Western Conference previews we offered predictions for all eight first round series with strategies for how to sidestep some of the high juice being charged by online sportsbooks in series such as the Wild vs. Blackhawks or Islanders vs. Penguins. Five of our eight predicted winners from the first round have advanced but because we suggested betting ‘Exact Series’ pricing, only three of those five plays cashed tickets.


The upside is that Pittsburgh won its series vs. New York in six games and that generated a +381 payback from NHL odds at Pinnacle, more than covering losses from Chicago and Boston, teams who we also thought would need six games. Profit from Exact Series Picks = +$181


Our other series winners included Detroit (+138) and Ottawa (+132) but we fell short with the Capitals (7 games), Blues (7 games) and Canucks (4 games). It would have been nice to collect with just one of those dogs in Game 7 but thanks to our first two pups cashing the damage was minimal. Loss from Flat Series Picks = -$54


In the Eastern Conference preview we also gave a free pick on the Pens-Isles staying “Under” 5 in game 1, another winner, but gave that unit back in the Over/Under selection from game 3 between the Blues and Kings. Net Profit from Round 1 of the Playoffs = +$102


Sports betting shops are just releasing Best of Seven Series Prices for the Conference Semi-Finals and after crunching the numbers we’ll be back with a closer look. For now, visit the EveryEdge hockey forum to join the debate with other puckheads as to which teams have the best chance of advancing to the final four.


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