Tips on developing a football betting strategy for the 2013 NFL and college season


Football is considered by many as the launch of a betting season that runs beyond the Super Bowl through March Madness and onto the Stanley Cup Finals in June. You’ve topped up your online bankroll, dusted off the ledger and are working out a gameplan. So where is the bulk of your money going to be invested between now and next summer?


Thanks to the small world web we have a lot of options and there are still local bookies, Provincial Sport Lotteries (in Canada) and a myriad of pools, side bets and fantasy leagues. For a lot of gamblers those last few options are running dead even with futures betting in terms of financial outlay and once you throw casual card games and that last minute trip to Vegas into the mix, money has been spread over a pretty wide sheet of ice (Olympic size!).


Options are nice but a ratio strategy for an active bettor can go a long way towards the bottom line. Let me give you an example using a scenario I witnessed on a weekly basis every Friday night from October through April. The story takes place in Whistler, a ski resort I called home long enough to see at least 10 different teams hoist the Lombardi. We had millions of tourists visiting every year that loved to party and the number of restaurants and bars per capita rivaled any place in the world. Line ups out the door with stacks of gold and platinum cards waiting to be maxed.


For service staff the tips were spilling out and for us gamblers, closing time meant a visit to the local was in order. There’s just something to be said for that sweet feeling of collecting on Monday.


Hockey Night in Canada’s also on the mind, the CFL post-season is upon us (in November, anyway), and why not try a hundred or so on the PSL’s, just because parlay cards and combo’s are good-time fun! And now we have the weekly Hold `Em game. Every Friday night all the guys from Palomino Bar met with the Brew Pub crew to raise a few pints, laugh about your worst table and play some cards.


Now I won’t get into chasing poker losses or additional money spent on Saturday because the scene has already been set. The theme that I noticed from the majority of these players can’t even be summed up by the term money mismanagement. After all, a lot of them did enjoy a winning week now and again. The biggest flaw had to do with how out of sync some of the wager amounts were. The same bettor that spent $100 on his well thought out NFL Best Bet would have no hesitation bluffing on a $100 pair of sevens.


I think an old friend of mine said it best: “Gambling is gambling. Unconscious losses can ruin the well thought through wins. The bottom line makes no distinction.”


Pick Sixty will be hitting the NFL hard this season with betting advice, best bets and a ton of NFL systems backed by the SDQL program at sportsdatabase.com. If you have any questions or comments, contact us here and be sure to join us this season over at the EveryEdge sports betting forum. It’s a mature environment with great contests and some serious handicapping. See you there.