NHL Betting Tips: `Capping the 3 in 4

Hockey trends to keep in mind for teams playing a high volume of games in a short period of time!

Teams are starting to wear down as we enter the final two weeks of the NHL season and for bettors, it’s a good time to pay even closer attention to the travel situation and ‘rest’ for each side while handicapping a contest. For a road team who is out of the playoff race, playing three games in four nights could well serve as the breaking point late in the third period, especially when facing a desperate club who are trying to track down a Wild Card spot.

Factoring rest and travel into the equation is still just part of the process but here are a few observations I’ve made from SDQL research done at SportsDatabase.com. Feel free to contact me @PickSixtySports with questions regarding the SDQL or online hockey betting.


  1. The general trend is that for home teams, a high number of games (four games) in a shorter period of time (eight days or less), leads toward lower scores (55-percent UN).


  1. When home teams are playing three games in a ‘normal’ amount of space (8-11 days), there is nice value on fading them AND on the under. Basically, the oddsmaker is pricing too much into their ‘rest’ or pattern, and bettors are eating it up, paying the higher prices to back the home team and bet the over. Perhaps the offense slows down at this point but the goalies stand their ground, enough for an under anyway.


  1. For road teams there is a window around 8-9-10 days, with three OR four games played, in which they seem to do well SU/ATS and stay under (55-percent UN).


Have a look at the recent article we published, Stats Based NHL Betting Profile: SDQL, for more information on the sports database.