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Everything you need to know about the weekly NFL SDQL Report from Killer Sports!


Each week of the NFL season, our friends at Killer Sports publish a 35-page SDQL Report featuring the SDQL. This mag is loaded with sports betting information to help readers handicap the pro and college card.

If you have ever read the free NFL Season Preview then you probably have an idea what’s in store but if not, here’s what to expect in each issue of the weekly newsletter:

— NFL picks with writeups from Dr. Ed Meyer (MTi) and Sportsbook Breakers

— Exclusive NFL predictions from Pick Sixty Sports

— NFL and NCAA Trends of the Week

— Dozens of player-based, side and total trends backed by SDQL codes; data

— College football systems, writeups and picks

You can see the SDQL, or Sports Data Query Language, in action here. After that, access recent issues of the SDQL Report free at Every page is a chance to expand your knowledge of this free online database and learn how use these systems to profit during the NFL season.

NFL SDQL Report: Trends & Systems

This year, Pick Sixty Sports will be featuring weekly SDQL trends from the report that are ‘live’ on the NFL card. Check in every weekend for numbers to help bolster your NFL Best Bets!

SDQL System of the Week

The Tennessee Titans were one of our strongest power rating picks for Week 1 and the Browns, well, I guess they are who were thought they were.

Cleveland led the NFL with 18 penalties in Week 1, a half-dozen more than the second-place Redskins who had 12.

In the first few weeks of the season, teams on normal rest off an undisciplined home effort such as this are 21-5-1 ATS (81%). You can run that query with the following SDQL text:

p:penalties > 10 and p:HL and week < 4 and 5 < rest < 8

When the line is tight, teams like Cleveland that won 10 or less games the previous season are also a good bet to bounce back, going 10-1 ATS. See for yourself:

p:penalties > 10 and p:HL and week < 4 and 5 < rest < 8 and PRSW <= 10 and abs(line) < 4

The Browns are currently available as 2.5-point faves in their Monday nighter at New York. For more NFL trends and tips, check out the SDQL Trend Mart here!

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