Live Baseball Betting: Oakland at Detroit

The A’s are looking to advance and the umpire betting stats from Sports Database show great value on the dog


The scheduled umpire for today’s game is Jim Reynolds and home teams have not had much success with Reynolds behind home plate this year but that’s an exception to the rule. Before the 2013 season, home teams finished with a winning record in six out of seven seasons, seen with his code from the database.


SDQL: umpires [0]=Jim Reynolds and H and season


The Detroit Tigers are -148 favorites as this game gets ready for its first pitch and here are some wagering stats you may want to keep in mind for live betting this contest.


– Tigers are 1-3 their last four home games with Jim Reynolds umping and 5-6 the last 11 but the average line in those five wins was DET -175.
– Oakland is 9-4 their past 13 road games with Jim Reynolds including a 5-1 record in six games since 2010. The one loss was against Justin Verlander with odds somewhere in the neighborhood of -190 to -200.


With higher totals, home teams have shown more success the past 10 years but when the O/U is 8 or less, home faves are 6-13 the past 19 games with an average line of -149. Pretty close to today’s number.


SDQL: HPU = Jim Reynolds and HF and total<=8 and date>=20120616


We booked a unit on the A’s at +135 and will be watching for opportunities to live bet this game throughout the afternoon.


Good luck!