Free 2016 NFL Futures Contest

Predict the fortunes of every NFL team in this year’s Season Win Total contest at EE!

Futures odds for the 2016 NFL season are hot and for some teams, the Season Win Total odds have already moved a full game in early betting. Free agency and the draft will always cause a few tremors in the NFL futures market and whether its for Fantasy Football purposes or just casual betting, it pays to stay on top of the odds.

This year, for the second consecutive season, EveryEdge is giving us another reason to get involved with futures in their free NFL Season Win Total contest. The rules are simple, just pick the “Over” or “Under” for every team in the league. Do well, and you can win credit with one of their sponsor sportsbooks.

Pick Sixty Sports has partnered with EveryEdge to help promote this contest and we’ll be providing previews throughout the summer for all 32 teams. As a long-time member of the EE sports betting forum (Jughead), I’m proud to get involved with this contest and it has given me a chance to dedicate even more time towards off-season handicapping. Picking spots to invest a few hard earned dollars with NFL futures is always fun but in the case of this contest, we don’t have to be quite as selective. “Bet the board,” as they say.

For more information on the contest just click ‘NFL Season Win Totals’ and just go from there. Good luck and I’ll see you in the forum. Contact me @PickSixtySports with any questions or if you just want to talk football.

SWT Six-Pack: Movers & Shakers

According to my records, these are the six teams showing the greatest amount of activity in the online NFL futures markets. Note that all six are being ‘bet up’ by at least one full game from their opening line.

1. Baltimore Ravens

2. Chicago Bears

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Oakland Raiders

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Honorable mention goes to the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants, who have been bet up a half-game plus 20- to 40-cents worth of juice. Also, keep an eye on the Philadelphia Eagles for  total that’s on the decline.

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