CFL Betting: Now in S.D.Q.L.

Touchdown-plus home faves are just 40-64-2 ATS in the CFL since 2007


The lead programmers at have introduced a new beta version of CFL sports betting data in their patented SDQL format this season and for anyone who likes to ‘dig’ a little deeper while handicapping the weekly card, it’s worth checking this out.


Sports Data Query Language, or SDQL for short, is an online handicapping resource that allows bettors to ask questions by inputting certain codes. An example could be for this weekend’s game between the Montreal Alouettes and Calgary Stampeders, where odds makers are listing the Stamps as a 7-point favorite. By inputting a simple SDQL code we get Montreal’s straight-up and ATS road record vs. Calgary, Over/Under results and quarter-by-quarter scoring breakdown along with key passing and rushing stats. See for yourself by clicking the link below:


team = Alouettes and A and o:team = Stampeders


A lot has changed in Montreal this year and thus far, chemistry is nothing like it was like during Marc Trestman’s tenure but if there is one thing the old regime seemed to overlook, it was defense. From 2007 to 2012, the Als had a 9-15 SU/ATS road record vs. non-divisional opponents and 17 of 24 games went “Over”. During those games, Montreal was outscored 32.3 to 26.7 on average. Those numbers can be seen with the following link:


team = Alouettes and A and division!= o:division


That’s just two examples of how a bettor can use SDQL to gain information about a matchup and although the ‘code’ might seem a little confusing at first, there is a step by step manual published online that first explains the basics and then goes into some more advanced techniques for the serious capper. Click SDQL Headquarters for more information or to download the free guide.



Calgary is not the only TD-plus home favorite this week (BC Lions -8.5) and even with the CFL, that can be a lot of wood to chop for a team who has already used its backup QB for nearly half the snaps. How have big home favorites fared in the CFL the past while? To tell you the truth, not that well.


Thanks to SDQL we can easily see that TD-plus home faves have been a losing proposition in the CFL every single season since 2007 and so far in 2013, they have started off 1-2 ATS. The code for that query is as follows:


HF and line < -6.5 and season >= 2007


In English terms all we are asking for is home favorites (HF) with a line ‘greater than’ 6.5 points (< -6.5) since 2007 (>=2007).


Their record by the way is 79-26-1 SU but just 40-64-2 ATS with 41 overs, 64 unders and a push.



Learning the basics of SDQL betting takes a little bit of patience but the reward will make it well worth your time. There is a Google Chat Room setup with year’s worth of questions and answers from Joe Meyer, the actual designer and lead programmer of SDQL. Stop by and see what some of the other handicappers have to say about SDQL. You can even join up and ask questions or use the ‘Searchable’ platform. Chances are, someone has already posed the same question you might have about SDQL betting and the answer is laid out in a in an easy, step-by-step thread.


Look for the “CFL in SDQL” thread by Jar Jar 21 at the Google Chat Room and join the conversation!

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