Betting NHL Trends with SDQL

Tracking NHL trends daily with the SDQL can turn you into a stronger sports bettor!

NHL Trends with SDQL

Taking NHL trends deeper with the SDQL is a cornerstone to profitable betting

Daily NHL trends are everywhere on the net but you have to know what to do with the information. With SDQL, you can take advantage of the free NHL trends that are posted and isolate higher win percentages more specific to the situation.

NHL Trends with SDQL

Using the New Jersey Devils, here is an example of how to get more from your NHL trends. It’s based on trend from a popular sports betting site, stating that the Devs have played 10-straight unders after three consecutive road games. Nice, but let’s look a little deeper.

The Devils rank in the bottom third of NHL scoring on the road. As of March 15, New Jersey is scoring just 2.7 goals per game away from home. Here is the SDQL for that data:

tA(goals) @ team and season=2018 and A

Next, we want to see how the Devils have performed in sports database history based on all travel streaks. Use this SDQL to obtain that information:

team=Devils and site streak,1

Off 1, 2 or 3 consecutive road games we can see some mild “Under” trends for New Jersey, but nothing overly convincing. At this point we are going to change our approach.

With the following SDQL we can see that the Devils have posted a losing record seven-straight seasons when away off a mini-trek. This year alone they are 4-12!

team=Devils and A and -4<site streak<0 and season,1

Punching in the following text we can see that since 2012, the Devils are 33-80 away off 1-3 consecutive road games. A $100 bettor has made +$2,847 fading them in this spot.

team = Devils and A and -4 < site streak < 0 and season > 2011

It’s going to be “live” again in April and I don’t know about you, but to me a 71% angle with more than 100 samples is a lot more valuable than a 10-0 trend that really appears to be nothing more than coincidence.

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