Baseball Betting Guide with SDQL!

The 2014 MLB Handicapping Bible from Killer Sports was released just ahead of the regular season and for stat junkies, trend bettors and serious system cappers, this really is must read material

Sports betting publications on the internet come and go but in today’s world of quick-hit, rehashed content it’s always nice to find a reliable source of information whose purpose is to do more than grab a few views and get tossed in the trash. The 2014 MLB Bible is a true gem among preseason baseball betting rags which helps get players ready for the daily grind that’s lurking just behind the March Madness, each and every day from April into the NFL and college football seasons.


Anyone that’s read previous editions of the MLB handicapping guide will quickly recognize the familiar layout. It starts with a SDQL overview and then jumps right to the ‘Hitting Redux’ feature from Sportsbook Breakers, who help bring us this free betting information year after year and every day in their free gambling newsletters. Pick Sixty Sports has a ‘Run the Bases’ feature on page 7 looking at the new MLB umpire handicapping technique introduced by in 2013 and there is also a section called ‘Soft Landing’ which has produced 20 wins in its past 26 situations.


You’ll also find a bullpen report in this year’s issue and a trio of top trends that have a combined record of 63-0! It’s the perfect segue to the MLB Trend Set that walks readers through some of the top numbers for each and every team in the majors. Click here to download the 2014 MLB Handicapping Bible or just stop by and sign up for the free daily newsletter – You won’t regret it.


The Oakland A’s have a 11-0 record when playing a team who have won at least two-straight and it’s not the series opener

Boston has a perfect 10-0 record the past 10 times they were a dog following a 5-plus run victory when it’s not the first game of a new series

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has led his club to 13-straight wins since 2009 when the posted total is O/U 7 or more and LA’s previous day starter is coming off a short outing (five or less runs)


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