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Consistently hitting 60-percent — The gold standard in sports wagering success

Pick Sixty’s second full season of online operation included a considerable number of changes and although its long overdue, here is an update on the site along with some plans for the year ahead.

Relocating into the Eastern time zone after 20 years out west has without a doubt, been one of my life’s biggest adventures. To be honest, one of the toughest adjustments was remembering that the ‘start time’ in professional sporting events no longer needed a three-hour mental deduction for writeups and betting!

Juggling full-time work with a massive renovation project was another challenge but through it all, handicapping sports and sharing the information remained a high priority. We had a great year with the NFL, revamping our custom Power Rating model and furthering personal development of the SDQL. NHL finished on a 64-percent run through the second-half (.544 win percentage, full season) and year to date, my MLB picks are hitting .540 for plus-money. Can’t complain about that.

The total number of articles has been down since February but we’ve boosted our social media presence (@PickSixtySports) and are staying involved with the EveryEdge sports betting forum, Capped In and the Sports Database Google chat room. Pick Sixty also features original content in the Killer Sports newsletter, NFL Annual and Friday Football Tipsheet. If you’re ever interested in discussing picks or systems and learning about the Sports Data Query Language (SDQL), please check out the links or drop me a line via Twitter or on Facebook.

As we gear up for another winning season with the NFL, you can definitely look forward to more of the same here are Pick Sixty. We work hard to find useful information so that you, the bettor, can arm yourself with the knowledge it takes to compete against the book each and every week.

Here’s to your next winner,

Jarvis Simes

Pick Sixty Founder and Lead Handicapper


There are all sorts of different sports handicapping types out there. Some rely on betting forums for information; others trust an ever-expanding gut bred out of years’ worth of diehard ‘fan’ betting. And then there are the number crunchers: Stats, systems and trends

Jarvis’ combination for success from those three wagering types is around 25-25-50. That is, he talks to and reads what other good handicappers have to say (25-percent). Trusts his instincts (25-percent) and then spends countless hours, year-round, running through numbers, checking line movement and searching for value on whatever sport is either in season or lurking just around the corner.

Over the past 15 years, Jarvis wrote for national publications (Winner’s Edge; Every Edge), was featured in a half-dozen NFL and MLB Annuals and worked full-time with a local Vancouver sports media outlet which focused entirely on betting. Pick Sixty Sports is just another outlet where Jarvis can share information geared towards helping bettors make winning investments in sports.

You can reach Jarvis @PickSixtySports and via email at editor@picksixtysports.com

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