2013 NFL Draft Notes: First Round

It seems like ‘First Round Surprises’ are the theme of this year’s draft but there’s a reason why General Managers are in charge of making the picks and pundits are left scratching their collective heads for Round 2.


[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]here were no running backs taken in the first day of NFL drafting and it spoiled a ton of betting futures for when the first workhorse would be selected. The top running back on the board for Friday is Alabama’s Eddie Lacy and as the second round gets underway at 6:30 pm Eastern, look for Lacy to go fast.


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Round 2, top five picks belong to Jacksonville, San Francisco (from KC), Philadelphia, Detroit and Cincinnati (from Oakland)



Other big names still available include West Virginia QB Geno Smith and Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o. In a quarterback-driven league the general consensus was that Smith would at least be chosen Thursday but EJ Manuel (Buffalo) was the first and only QB selected in the first round (No. 16 overall). Teams in the past have stretched out their opening round picks to acquire the next ‘face of the franchise’ but this year, no one was desperate enough to make that commitment.


Three of the first four picks were given to those in charge of protecting the quarterback and after finishing 2-14 in 2012, Kansas City went to the head of the class with offensive tackle Eric Fisher. Second overall was Luke Joeckel (Jacksonville) and the fourth overall pick went to Luke Fisher (Philadelphia).


A few of the notable first round trades were by Miami-Oakland, St. Louis-Buffalo and Minnesota-New England. With three picks between No. 23 and No. 29, the Vikings are being touted by many as having the most successful day overall.


1. MIA traded up to No. 3 with OAK to select DE Dion Jordan

2. STL traded up to No. 8 with BUF to select WR Tavon Austin

3. MIN traded up to No. 29 with NE to select WR Cordarrelle Patterson


Along with Houston’s No. 27 pick, DeAndre Hopkins, there were only three wide receivers taken in the first round and the top wideouts available include Tennessee’s WR Justin Hunter and Cal’s WR Keenan Allen.


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