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NFL Handicapping Annual hits ATS Jackpot

NFL Handicapping Annual hits ATS Jackpot

The 2013 football handicapping preview from Killer Sports knocks winning picks right out of the park


As the clock winds down on what has been another somewhat eventful preseason for football betting it’s time to crank up the intensity one or two notches and set our sights on another winning NFL season. Everyone takes a different approach to Week 1 and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to prepare but if we can recommend one staple to your football diet this season it is the 2013 NFL Handicapping Annual from


The experts at Killer Sports did not pull any punches with this year’s mag and if there is another free, online sports betting publication with even half as many winning angles, trends and systems on the market today, somebody please email us a link so we can have a read.


– Player based trends

– Schedule analysis

– Futures betting

– Four perfect NFL systems with a combined record of 84-0-2 ATS!


These aren’t your dink and dunk NFL systems that have been tweaked out further than a South Beach surfer, either. Each of the four perfect systems was “live” a minimum of three times during the 2012 season and will more than likely come around a couple more times between now and January, too.


You want to know the best part? We’re still only on page 32 of the magazine!



As you probably figured out from reading Pick Sixty Sports in the past, we are huge fans of the Sports Data Query Language and the ability if gives everyone to research and develop winning NFL systems. This handicapping bible is designed by Dr. Ed Meyer, Joe Meyer and Sportsbook Breakers using SDQL codes to illustrate each system’s effectiveness.


Other betting sites like to talk trends but they don’t back it up with a history of the games in question. Tired old trends that are 5-0 ATS following a streak of 0-5 ATS are a thing of the past with Sports Database because the games are all listed with key stats, odds and links to the box score.


The book also includes NCAA betting trends to watch, teaser trends and a section with Team by Team trends and stats for all 32 NFL clubs. Jarvis Simes, co-founder of Pick Sixty Sports has also featured a handful of NFL betting strategies that will be updated throughout the season in our NFL department. One of the angles is “live” in Week 1, too, and it has a 12-2 ATS record since 2005 so it’s probably worth a look.



If you haven’t taken SDQL for a test drive yet and aren’t too sure about the codes, don’t worry about it. This book has a couple pages of easy to read tips for getting started, using shortcuts and taking steps towards more advanced techniques. SDQL might look like a mountain to someone who isn’t familiar with it but the learning curve is fast and once you start to realize the benefit it’s hard to remember life without it.


You can download a free copy of the Killer Sports NFL Handicapping Annual right here or visit the homepage for more information. Once you flip through the manual we would love what you think; just shoot us a quick email at


Good luck this season everyone,


Pick Sixty Staff and

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