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CFP Championship – Hey CFL, Pay Attention!

CFP Championship – Hey CFL, Pay Attention!

For a unique view on the college football National Championship game we update the odds and list a few ways the Canadian Football League could benefit by changing their format to more resemble NCAA football

The Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks are each going after the first-ever, undisputed college football title tonight and as fans of the sport, all we can hope for is that none of the officials have spent any time recently at Lambeau Field or Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium).

Current odds read Ducks -6 and the total is O/U 73. Beyond that, I don’t have a lot to say about this particular matchup because the only two college games I watched from start to finish all season where the two semi-finals that eliminated Alabama and Florida State from the running.

As I’m sure most of you would agree, those were two fantastic games. Jam-packed with action, there was no shortage of big plays and the Sugar Bowl had a thrilling finish. It reminded me of so many CFL games I’ve had the pleasure of watching over the years with two major differences:

– Less punting

– More effective use of the run game

Alabama (7) and OSU (6) punted 13 times in total and the average CFL game from the past few years has seen a total of 16 punts. Now ask yourself CFL fans and bettors: Would anyone who watches Canadian football really miss those three extra punts per game?

The reason, of course, for so much punting in the Canadian game is from the lack of first downs – a direct product of two many second-and-longs and a whole lot of first-and-nothings gained by incompletions.

The CFL is three-down football and that’s unique but the novelty has worn off. With the talent pool of offensive linemen and running backs available to the league today, the CFL should immediately vote to increase its down-count to ‘four’ and start letting teams implement a more well-designed run game to set up drives that don’t oh so often end in a punt.

The side effect may be a greater interest from American fans which leads to bigger TV deals, greater league-wide revenue and perhaps another crack at expansion. One that actually works south of the border because of the US fans who want to tune into see the flashy NCAAF products that are now being put to use in a better Canadian game!

To voice your opinion on this matter, contact @PickSixtySports or stop by the sports betting forum at EveryEdge!

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